Sunday, July 02, 2006


I went to Celebrate Freedom '06 yesterday at the Southfork Ranch in Dallas. There were well over 200, 000 crazy Texan Christians there. It was a blast. I heard great music and we all worshipped God, led by Chris Tomlin.

Here is a picture of me with a giant Chick-fil-a cow at the Chick-fil-a tent. (Enjoy!)

I am grateful for my freedom to worship YHWH, the God all things. I am grateful for freedom to worship in hundreds of thousands without being being stalked like a hunted deer by soldiers or emperors. But I am grateful God, and to God alone. I see myself as a member of the body of Christ in a long history of Christians, whose blood was bartered for politics and fears.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to worship Him. And I am grateful for my circumstances. But I thank God for this blessing. He could just as easily change things; so I thank Him for what He's provided to this Christian in a long line of little-Christs.

Remember to thank God for the freedoms we enjoy, not as Americans - but as Christians.


Drew said...

hey cruz, i took that picture!
nice audioblog, too.

tunz4jesus said...

I like your point here, often I believe Christians think they must be puppets of the government, yes people to every decision made by their party or leader. Our obligation is in fact to pray for our leaders and learn the values of those we support. If their values line up with the word of God and we choose to support them, then fine. If their values do not line up, we have the responsibility to try to explain our view and the word of God that drives our thinking.