Thursday, July 20, 2006


OK, so I got a call yesterday from the local radio station whose network (or whatever) is going to play my music. It'll be on Saturday sometime between 7-10pm; exact time I don't know yet.

But anyways, they actually called me to see about me performing a concert thingy. OK, I mean I had people tell me that I'd probably do concerts and stuff, but this is something I really did not expect. I generally don't like playing in front of audiences. I mean ensemble stuff was good, but I had 50-200 other people playing with me at the same time. I could burry my sound in that of the rest. But anyways, I'm excited ( I've worked my way up to this), but still scared.

Besides scared of performances, I'm a little worried that my music will once again take priority over my reason: God. This happenned to a large degree earlier in my life. It was when I realized this, that I completely gave my music over to God. If He wanted to do something with it, then it was He who was going to make it happen. And then a few years latter, this.

So, what I do is God's and God's alone. It I ever BEGIN to forget that, someone please remind me!!!!!

Anyways, the music will be on 89.9FM KBDE radio, part of American Family Radio network, on Saturday night. Song request line is (254) 772-1900.


Sanely_InSaNe said...

Wow that's super cool!^^
Just remember that God gave you that talent, and it'll please him that you're using it to spread the word!
Playing at a concert is a lot like acting in a show. If you really put your entire being into it, you'll forget all about whoever is watching you. All you'll think about is what you're actually doing, and what the message is that you're giving. Sometimes if you're feeling super in tune, you'll even add things in to help draw the audience in, without even meaning to! Those are the best kind of shows...You'll do great Cruz, and I'm so totally waiting to hear ya on the radio!
I'm not trying to be corny or anything, it's just the truth.
Unleash your Cruzness and melt some faces, dude.

theboythatis said...

I can't wait to hear my boy on the radio!

Those stories were A-mazing!

"Lottery"... ooooooooooo... the whole idea was just... ooooooooooo... that was intriguing...

"The Storm"... great writing at its greatest... oooooooooooooo... the suspenseful buildup, the coincidences leading to that ending... ooooooooo...

thank's cruz, see ya tomorrow

Tony said...

thats awesome dude!!! congratulations! i have a friend who is a dj there and does a lot of the promotions and yadda yadda yadda, her name is christine carver...if you ever talk to her or meet her tell her I said hi!!!

Chris said...

Fantastic, congrats!

I had that issue while worship leading at my last church. I would always get nervous before the "performance" (it's what the church did, really) and worry that I was being selfish, that I was doing it for the wrong reasons, blah blah blah. Eventually somebody pointed out that it was ok to be nervous in front of lots of people, and that I should just go into it and think "this isn't for me" ... play for the audience of one. I love that phrase. So I did - I pretended that there was nobody there in the room save God, which was weird when they made me pray or talk because it felt sort of schizo.