Sunday, July 09, 2006


I learned something this week: God's Word is living and can impact spirits in a mighty, awesome way.

The Holy Bible really is the Word of God, and it is powerful because it is endowed by God.

As a Bible academic, sometimes I tend to forget this. While I do not believe that the Bible is a facsimile written by God in Heaven and send down to us via the USPS, sometimes in this I forget that the Word of God is alive.

I get so caught up in what the author is trying to address, and how the text came to us as we now know it. I realize it is a book written by humans, and that it is a record of peoples' journies with God. But in that I sometimes forget about the unexplainable power of the Holy Bible.

Those of you intrested in Biblical scholarship, it is awesome, but never let it take away from the spiritual power of the scriptures. Because they truly are the LIVING, BREATHING words of God. And they have a specific message for us - that God wants us to hear.

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