Saturday, July 22, 2006


When I think of the disciples I most relate to, for some reason, I usually think of Judas. I think Judas has been labelled as some kind of Satan-possessed traitor who sold Jesus out because he (Judas) was evil. In reality, I think Judas was human.

And I think Jesus recognized this.

Let's go back to John 13. Here, we have Jesus washing the feet of disciples. He washed every one of his disciples' feet, and Judas was among them (cf. John 13.10-11).

So, why did Jesus wash Judas feet? Footwashing was a sign of humility. In a Jewish home, not even the Jewish slaves were allowed to wash feet. The task was so degrading, it was left to the gentile slaves. Jesus took a humiliating poston a himself to serve others.

Jesus humbled himself to even the one who would betray him, the one who would chicken out at the last moment and serve his own interests.

If Jesus humbled himself to Judas to wash his feet, we should do the same. We should humble ourselves to serve even those who hurt us, because that's what Jesus did in John 13.

As I said earlier, sometimes I relate best to Judas because it seems to me that I although I mess it up eveytime, Jesus still takes a servant approach towards me and offers me undeserved forgiveness.

So, be a servant to those who betray you and turn their backs on you. Jesus did it for Judas, and he did it for you.

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