Sunday, July 09, 2006


"When we have an encounter God, we never walk away the same."

This past week has been an encounter with God. Tonight was a culmination of being on a mountain top conversing with God.

Moses met God on Mt. Sinai. He communed with God; He intimately knew God. And God gave him a message to take back to his people. God did the same thing with our youth group tonight. We went up to the mountain and communed with God. We had an encounter. And our youth group came back with a message for our church.

Marc brought it home tonight with his sermon (Nice going bro!). We were reminded that we are called to be the People of God, the Church, the Body of Christ - not a social club, not a group of people that fight for power or control, not a group to just fellowship. We are called to worship the God of the universe! And it is a privelage.

Rustin, GREAT JOB! with your comment about God not getting from us what Jesus paid for.

And tonight, our church worshipped, truly worshipped God! And people walked away happy. Because when we truly encounter God, we never walk away the same.

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