Thursday, July 13, 2006


OK, so I'm trying to get everything in and recording for my radio debut thingy coming up here soon. I'm playing with loops and stuff in the music.

The song I'm cutting right now is called "Why" - it's about the Invisible Children in Uganda, trying to get the word out on what's going on there. Click HERE and be sure to tell people about what's going on and encourage them to get involved. Word of mouth is one of our most powerful tools.

I'll be on AFR in the evenings within a few weeks, I'm guessing - so call in to your local station and request the song - not for me, but to help get out the word on the Invisible Children. Let's be loud AGAIN.

But this whole recording thing is really a pain. You have to record with this "ticker" in your ear - a metronome that's steadier and more predictable than the new Superman movie.

But it's all good. The picture above was actually my Halloween costume; I didn't get my monk robe in on time so I wore this (don't ask).

I'll keep yall posted on exactly when we'll get airplay.



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