Monday, July 03, 2006


The Cruz-Control has been attacked by spammers. The comments sections for past posts have been invaded by the bodysnatchers, actually by random people trying to get me and others to hit their websites.

So, my current solution, as I can find no other, would be to turn on the Word Verification feature under comments.

In other words, you'd have to type in a few letters in an extra box to post a comment. However, I will only do this if yall will continue to comment on posts. If turning this feature on will jepordize comments being posted, I guess I'll just live with the spam.

However, it would be great to tackle this bug once and for all. So, let me know if you'll stop commenting if you have to go through the trouble of typing in a few extra letters.



Chris said...

Question: how would you know if your potential commenters would comment without the word verification humdinger if it's not on? I mean, perhaps the very thought of the picture thingummy would turn their stomachs to the idea of commenting and now they won't!

Or I'm just messing with you in my juvenile way of telling you that I will continue to comment, vis a vis I have something to say ...

Drew said...

Hey Cruz check out my blog.

tunz4jesus said...

I can't see a few extra letters stopping my commenting, but maybe that would be a good thing...I mean if it would...just kidding, you can't keep me quiet.

The Halpinator said...

I will NOT type a few extra letters. NO WAY!