Friday, July 28, 2006


OK, so I just spent the past three days in the wilderness outside of New Brunsfels, TX. We were there to tube and have fun. I chose to do the latter. And not on purpose. The first day, I went swimming in the Guadalupe River and slipped off a rock on bottom, and the rock caught my big toe nail (STOP READING IF YOU'RE SQUIMISH) and bent it backward all the way. It hurts to write this. I promptly bent it back forward in the right direction, and after much grumbling of the word, "curses!!!" put some antiboitic and got on with life with a toe wrapped in gauze.

Our time on the river was made more lively when the girls, who were in the cabin between the two guys' cabins, heard some footsteps and running around outside. We were in our cabin having a shin-dig, and the other guys' cabin was fast asleep. We don't condone or encourage pranks of any kind. So, the girls knew it wasn't the guys. So when they could reach me or Marc (who was in the other cabin), they called 911.

Completely oblivious to the whole situation, I heard a pounding on our door and voice yell, "SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT! OPEN UP!!" Earlier we had heard someone running around outside, and they even knocked on our door twice. But each time, they only knocked once. And I figured if who ever it was really wanted us, they'd knock twice. So, I just ignored it. But this time it was the Sheriff.

I opened the door, and he asked to see whoever was in charge. When I told him I was one of the youth pastors, he told me what happened about the girls calling 911 and them hearing people stomping on their porch. So I got Marc and we check the bus, etc. for vandalism. All was well.

But when I went back to the cabin, the guys I was staying with asked what happened. When I told them, they became frightened. So three teen-aged guys slept in one twin sized bed that night. And the night was only allowed to be off about 2 hours that night.

It was quite fun. I just bathed. YAY!!! Now that I'm back to civilization, I'm going to go eat something fried.


beyondfutility said...

That's quite hilarious. I like it.

theboythatis said...

If nobody was detained then it's not a real youth event.

Sanely_InSaNe said...

Gosh that was SO freakin' scary. I have a playbyplay on my blog.xD