Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Abandoning Politics

I read a book last year that not only changed by political views, but more importantly, my Theologial views. Resident Aliens by Stanley Hauerwas made me think. Hauerwas begins by noting a fact many Christians, including myself, have ingored or are in denial about. Before the 1960s Amercia had existed as a Constantian society. Since the days of Constantine, not only was Christianity the legal religion, it was enforce by laws. Amercia was a continuation of that world.

However, that world ended and Christianity is not longer the driving force of laws within our country. And this is a good thing. Christians can no longer rely on laws to keep a Biblical moral code in order. Rather, they must rely on their witness, and focus first of conversions.

Since Christians are no longer succeeding at made things like gay marriage illegal, thereby legislating morality... more Christians are recognizing that the job of the Church is not to enforce morality on society, but rather their job is to be the people of God. How can Christians impose the moral standards of Christ on a group who does not know or follow him?

So I abandoned politics... frankly I just don't see how much of it really matters. I was an adamant memeber of the "Christian-Right" (whatever that means). Pro-Life. Pro-War. (Which, now in my mind seem to contradict one another.) There are some views I continue to hold, but for different reasons. Laws should be made according to what is best for society, not according to what the Bible says. After all, Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world. Amercia is not a theocracy, nor should it be.

I became a pacifist and realized that what may be best in America's interest (i.e., a war on terrorism) is not necessarily something Christians should be a part of. My anabaptist views have driven me to a point of apoliticalism. I do think that there are issues to be addresses as a society, which we are all a part of. But I just don't believe legistlating Christian morals (learned only through the teachings and relationship with Christ) through the political system of a secular nation is the answer.

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