Monday, April 10, 2006


Yes! I have finallly hooked up my Mac to the World Wide Web. I usually blog from places other than home b/c it's hard to use blogger without high speed (I previously had dial-up). But in order to get the updates I need for my other Macs and such, and to download my music on myspace, I now have my Mighty Mac (as I call it) online at 28kps. Not a hitch hooking it up to high speed, execept for the fact that the cable guy didn't remember how to make the right connections on Mac, but OS X.4 took care of it! 1.3251 minutes later, I was online. So I am online and I now can laugh at and And I can blog from the comfort of my home. Yay!


the cake baker said...

ahhh high speed so so freakin amazing...if i were to go back to dial-up i wouldnt know what to do :-(

Anonymous said...

your mom is freakin amazing ;-) woah that went too far!