Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Mother of Invention...

is not necessity, it is boredom. Jay, one of my good friends through school, showed me a new game he invented to get out of the monotony of homework. It was fun, so well I share it in hopes that you will try it when you get bored.

Here's how you play...
YOU NEED: 5 Ceramic Turtles (You can get them @the Dollar Store for like a buck each)
4 Florescent Rubber Bouncy Balls (You can get these @ the Pizza Hut for a quarter each)

You arrange the Turtles against a wall like this:

*___________ *______ *______ *___________ *

You can start with one ball at a time. You throw the ball(s) trying to bounce them on the turtles' shells, but without them bouncing or flying out of the playing zone (the two turtles on the end). As your skills improve, you can add more balls and heck, more turtles if you like. Enjoy.

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