Thursday, April 06, 2006

Seminary Day

Yesterday was Seminary Day at Baylor. It was kind of like those Career Days back in High School. I looked at about four and walked away with stuff from three: Princeton Theological Seminary, Duke Divinity School, and Truett Theological Seminary. I recently threw out Princeton, it's a little too north for me (New Jersey).

But I'm seriously looking into Duke. It's a Methodist school with ecumenical tendencies; which is great because I am a Baptist with anabaptist and lutheran tendencies. Their M.Div. program looks really great and they have an incredible faculty including Stanely Hauerwas and Richard Hays. I'm going to visit the campus either late this summer or the beginning of fall, so that I can apply in the fall if I decide I want to go there.

Truett is also a great school; a good majority of my friends are going there either this fall or next year. Also, Truett has an great faculty, that encourage discussion. Also a plus for Truett is that it's cheap and in Waco.

So, I guess I got some prayin' to do.


tony said...

i got accepted to truett!!!

Anonymous said...

You should go to DTS.
- Pat Robertson

Anonymous said...

Southwestern Baby-All The Way! That's what i'm talkin about!