Sunday, April 16, 2006


I found this diary among Judas's things. For anyone happpening to read this, I thought I should finish the story. First of all, Judas hanged himself yesterday. Apparently out of guilt from selling Jesus out. But if only Judas knew what happened today.

Simon Peter and I were talking early this morning, when Mary came running. She was panting from running so hard. She was nearly in tears. She thought someone had stolen Jesus's body from the tomb we had put him in. When we heard what she said, we both began to panic. Who would steal the body of our Lord and why??!!! Peter and I ran to the tomb; I could feel that sinking feeling in my stomach and heavy knot in my throat. I outran Peter (I've always been faster than him!), and so I reached Jesus's tomb first. I bent in and looked inside. I could see the strips of cloth Jesus had been wrapped in, but I did not go inside. Peter finally ran up, but he went right on inside the tomb. He saw what I saw, and I followed him inside. It was at that moment that I realized Jesus had come back to life. Some of the things he had said began to make sense, though not all of them. But one thing I knew, Jesus was no longer dead. He was executed on a cross, was dead for three days, but today he is alive!!! I saw him, spoke to him!!!! My LORD is alive!!!!!!

If Judas only knew...



Kelli said...

I really liked this little series. You write very well. I want to print it out and put it up in my dorm room, if it's all right.

cruz-control said...

you bet, thanks =)

tunz4jesus said...

Good job, well written. Heather and I are heading to Waco Thursday, any free time, I'd buy you a cup of coffee.

cruz-control said...

Sounds awesome! I'd love to meet yall (in person that is)! I'm free after about 3pm. You can give me a call at (254) 214-4832 when you're free. I'm looking forward to it!!!!!