Saturday, April 15, 2006


God is dead! God is dead, and it's my fault!!!!!!! It's because of me that my Rabbi is dead!!! It's my fault!! Damn!!!!! What have I done?! Jesus really was different; I understand it all now. Jesus was the second David, the Messiah, and IT'S MY FAULT THAT HE'S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus healed blind people, he made the lame walk. He was who he said he was. Jesus was God himself. And now he's dead!!!!!!! And it's all because of ME!!!!!!!!!! I just tried to return the 30 pieces of silver to the priests, they wouldn't take it!!!! So I threw it at their feet.

The words of Jesus keep running through my head over and over again - I can't escape what I've done!!!!!! I can't sleep; I can't hear; I can't think.

I CAN'T GO ON LIVING!!!!!!!!...

Judas Iscariot

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Jesus said...

You are forgiven