Monday, January 08, 2007


Everyone has a different take on Jesus. Muslims and Jews saw him as a prophet; Buddhists say he was enlightened; Hindus consider him an avatar (the incarnation of a deity in human form) while Christians hail him as the Son of God. But, wherever your theological compass points, you will agree that this is the coolest action figure since G.I. Joe. Each hard plastic Jesus Action Figure stands 5" tall with poseable arms to reach toward the heavens and wheels in his base for smooth gliding action. Comes in our illustrated package with biblical quotes on the back.

GET YOUR JESUS ACTION FIGURE HERE TODAY! (I'm getting the bobblehead for my desk in the office.)


Brian said...

I totally have this. I also have the Moses action figure, and even more rare...Black Jesus.

Chris said...

I can't decide if it's blasphemy or just totally rediculous. I have this coaster from school that has Jesus in all his glory saying "just another water, thanks."

Anonymous said...

I sent my comment to your myspace message because I felt I my comment was harsh and true.