Tuesday, January 09, 2007


And I am not.

It's funny how we like to play God. We like to pretend like we are in charge of this world and of our lives; we like to pretend that we are the only thing that matters in this world. There's no God; there are no other people. We are the center of our universe.

Or so we think.

But we cannot even control if we live or when we die. We are impotent. We are feeble. We are weak. And we fool ourselves into thinking we are powerful.

We are taught by our society that we are powerful. What we think matters. 'Have it your way!' is a popular fast-food slogan. We like to feel important; but not just important as people, rather we like to feel the people-should-pay-attention-to-me important.

But this is not the picture that Jesus had in mind for the Kingdom of God. In Matthew's gospel, Jesus compares his followers to children. The Kingdom of Heaven is composed of those who are humble. Humility can be hard to us to grasp. Jesus' Beatitude for 'humility' is, "Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth." Meek means recognizing our position in relation to God. It is recognizing His sovereignty and submitting ourselves to His will.

Humility is also recognizing our position in relation to others. We are to be servants thinking about others instead of ourselves.

God is God; we are not. Simple.

If we are to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, both present and future, we are to be humble, meek. We put God in His place, and we stay in our own.

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