Thursday, January 25, 2007


Jesus has grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Jesus' son died when he was 19.

Jesus lives in each of us. And this was made obvious and apparent to me tonight.

I saw Jesus tonight in the love, prayers, and gifts of my church family. I got so many wonderful hugs and kisses from so many great people. And I cherish every one of them.

This love is who Jesus is and was. And when the body of Christ loves like Jesus; we become a picture of Jesus on earth - a clear, real picture that others see.

I did not have insurance on my car (only liability as required by Texas law), which means that because the other guy was not caught, I am not reimbursed the value of my car. So, I'm pretty much without any wheels.

My church family, or better simply: my family, has found this out and several people tonight graciously and lovingly slipped me some checks. Several people in the Church have taken it onto themselves to help me financially in getting another car.

I can't even begin to express my gratitude. I was told tonight by a man I greatly respect to accept any and all help I was offered and that otherwise I'd be robbing others of a blessing. I realized the truth he had spoken. Pride can get in the way of receiving a blessing just as much as it can get in the way of giving one. So, I've swallowed my pride, and I've been so incredibly thankful to have so many people love and care for me.

I saw Jesus tonight in the love, prayers, and gifts of people in the Church. And it was beautiful and amazing.

God is good... all the time. Amen and amen.


tunz said...

Kinda cool, yet interesting way God is getting you a new car. Did you ever think that a hit and run would be the opportunity God would use to let others love on you? He amazes me.

Anonymous said...

thats really exciting and such a blessing :-) yah jonathan!