Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well, I've just finished my first batch of homework. School is back in and everything's getting back to normal.

Funny thing about college, every semester you have two (2) first day's of school every semester.

But the good thing is that the profs usually don't keep you long. Today, I was in class for a total of 25 minutes. Yay me!

My first days where pretty much the norm. I listened to the 'easy' professors try to make their classes sound hard, and I heard the 'hard' professors try to make their classes sound easier than they'll actually be. This used to frighten me. But after the seasoning of four years, I think I've got the profs' games figured out.

Now, I go into the classes, knowing whether it'll be easy or hard, despite what impression the instructor may seek to portray on the first day.

One funny thing did happen, though. I went into my lab-science class and listened to the professor explain how he grades, etc. Then he asked, "How many of you are freshman?" Almost everyone in the class raised their hands. Hmm. So, I asked the girl next to me what class was this, as the professor had never actually made that clear.

"This is Intro to Psychology." she replied.

"Oh, crap!" was my response. I [in]discreetly slipped out... and I was 25 minutes late to my GEOLOGY class because I was in the wrong room!

Sad thing, though.... the girl sitting next to me in 'psychology' was kinda cute.

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