Sunday, January 21, 2007


Last night I was involved in a major car accident, a hit-and-run by what seems to be a drunk driver. I was traveling west on highway 6 going outside of Waco; I was on a the westbound bridge over Lake Waco. My SUV rolled over three times. But it stayed on the bridge and didn't go over.

My car landed right-side up. My door was jammed, so I crawled out of what used to be the passenger's side window. I was the only thing not ejected from the vehicle. I wore my seatbelt. My car's battery was ejected from its place from underneath the hood.

As soon as I got out of my Jeep, the first car to pass on the bridge was a sheriff's deputy. He backed up and ran lights to stop traffic. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital.

I saw my SUV last night before I left in the ambulance. It was unbelievably jacked up. The roof was caved in and most of the windows were gone. I talked to the wrecker service today. The guy said that He could not believe that I was not seriously injured, much less able to walk away unharmed. He said it was one of the worse wrecks he's seen.

Aside from some glass still inside of me and some cuts and bruises, I am fine.

You see, there is no such thing as luck in Christianity, only miracles. God took care of me in the most unexplainable of ways. I prayed with all my soul; and I immediately knew that it wasn't my time to be with Jesus. But the miracle was not just life, but the fact that I literally walked away from my now-totaled SUV.

But it still scared the crap out of me.

Life is a gift we take for granted; but the truth is, life is fragile and fleeting. It is precious. And so is love. Don't hesitate to tell the people you care for how much you love them. We take love way too lightly, including our love for God.

This love should spill out of our worship.

Because, we worship not only because of who He is... but because of who we're not.

Because the fact of it all is, He alone is the reason II am able to write his post today.


tunz said...

I am so thankful that you weren't seriously injured.

Chris said...

So glad you're ok, this means I can still look you up for coffee someday :)

Anonymous said...

dude!!! what kinda craziness are you doing? im soo glad your ok :-) and thats right, it wasnt your time to meet Jesus, you have to be in my wedding first :-)- *sniff sniff* i love you man

Anonymous said...

Angels were at your side and in front and all around you. I am so happy you wear a seat belt.
I recently lost someone that was in the same situation as you.
You are Blessed, I am praying to keep these Angels around you. You did exactly the right thing in Praising God last night.
Worship God!
Pamela Capps

Anonymous said...

Cruzy- SO glad you are ok. Praising God for his wisdom in keeping you with us... WE NEED YOU! Love you bro and glad you're safe. Blessings Hicks

Anonymous said...

Hey Cruz

You had angels protecting you and watching you,you are a blessing from God. ttyl